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//TOP\\ Download No Mans Land PC Game 2003

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Download No Mans Land PC Game 2003

No Man's Land, also known as No Man's Land: Fight for your Rights!, is a 2003 real-time strategy video game for Microsoft Windows developed by Related Designs and published by CDV Software.

The game is set in the new world where the players can play as one of the six factions. Playable factions are the English, Spaniards, American Patriots, American Settlers, Woodland Native Americans, and Prairie Native Americans. Every faction has its own strength and weaknesses and heroes.The single player contains three campaigns.

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Related Designs and CDV's new RTS game, No Man's Land, hops into the populated RTS market with their colonial era game. The game's main feature is the campaign mode which spans six stories played out over three campaigns. During these campaigns you'll see the cast of characters grow to include the Spanish, English, Patriots, Settlers, Woodland Native Americans, and Plains Native Americans. Each culture brings their own technology and battle options which really make for some interesting scenarios as far as the game's stories are concerned. The basic premise of the story brings the player through America's history of war from the colonial period on to the Wild West and everything in between. While based on historical events the game is not actually historical correct. You'll see some famous names, but don't expect this to be as accurate as a history book.

Elite units like snipers and conjurers can also be produced, the cool thing being that the elite units are different for all the cultures. You will also see hero units for each culture. These heroes possess abilities that are wholly unique to only that unit and can often help out greatly to turn the tide of battle. Certain cultures also have different abilities even for the grunts of the army. The Plains Native Americans are the only culture that is unable to build fortifications, but they are also the only ones capable of picking up their buildings and moving them around. Whereas the Woodland Native Americans are able to swim and hide under the water, something no other culture can do. All these little touches help add more options to the gamer in strategy planning stages.

The graphics in the game really help represent the different eras well. Relative designs really kicked it into high gear with the work they did on the game's graphics. Every little detail in the world is noticeable and totally feels like it should be there. You'll see your villagers and troops leaving ripples and wakes when they walk through ground water as well as the hard labor of chopping away at trees and digging through the fields for food, as well as people leaving footprints in the snow. Swaying trees in the wind as well as a plethora of wild animals living on the various islands and terrain you will inhabit is also another cool feature. Be careful, as some of the more angry animals will actually attack your villagers and soldiers (such as bears and wolves.

Once the battles begin, you'll be treated to an exciting scene of carnage and excellent animations. When you finally have two massive armies meet up in the ages with cannons and gunfire you will see cannonballs leaving black holes in the ground and bodies lying in pools of their own blood. In the Wild West you'll see your outlaws with six-shooters having to stop and reload before firing again, The Woodland Natives launching fire arrows and warships launching cannons in great detail. The game's engine allows you to zoom in relatively close to the action without losing too much detail. Obviously when zoomed in the models show their low polygon count, but that is understandable for an RTS game with over 200 units on screen at times.

No Man's land also features some of its own unique features, such as the Counters you can research and use against your enemy. Develop a plague and use it against your opponent to slow down their food production, or bark beetles to decimate their wood supply. Also during the game you will have the chance to hire bounty hunters. These units are extremely expensive but can prove to be very effective. Once you've hired a bounty hunter, you select and enemy unit to hunt and send him on his way. He will track down and eliminate the enemy you selected, provided that your enemy doesn't pay him off to turn the tables on you. 041b061a72

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